Vocca - Voice Activated Bulb Adapter - Pack of 3

Vocca - Voice Activated Bulb Adapter - Pack of 3

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Vocca, a voice activated bulb adapter that can turn any regular light bulb into a voice activated one. Once connected, all you need to do is say “Go Vocca Light” to turn the light on or off. There is no setup involved and no voice training needed - Vocca will work right out of the box.

Vocca main features:

  • Turn any light bulb into a voice activated one.

  • Cutting edge voice recognition technology.

  • Activate your lights from a distance (up to 15 feet) with nothing but your voice.

  • No setup or training is needed - Vocca works right out of the box.

  • Your light switch can still be used to turn the light on/off.

  • Privacy - unlike other voice products, your voice does not go to the cloud or stored anywhere. All processing is done inside Vocca.

  • Install Vocca in less than a minute - Vocca easily installs between your light socket and your existing (standard) Edison screw light bulb.


 Following are the technical specifications for Vocca: 

Operating Voltage

90 - 250 VAC

Bulb Type

Edison Screw (E27)

Maximum bulb power rating

30W *

Self Weight

0.265 pound (120 grams)

Physical Dimensions

3.6" High, 2.55" Wide (92 mm by 65 mm)

Working Temperature

32-158 Fahrenheit (0-70 Celsius) 


FCC part 15, subpart B.

IEC/EN 61058



* Please note: The above 30W bulb limit is due to the fact that heat generated from an incandescent light bulb of higher wattage can possibly damage the electronic components inside Vocca. This is true only for ceiling type mounting where the bulb is installed below Vocca and its heat is going up and heating up Vocca. Using an LED or CFL based light bulbs solves this issue completely since these type of bulbs almost generate no heat at all!