Vocca Support


Follow these five simple steps to voice enable any light bulb in your house:


Make sure the bulb’s power is turned off. If the bulb’s switch is on, turn it off and wait for the bulb to cool down.


Twist the bulb counter clockwise to take it out of its socket.


Firmly install Vocca to the light socket by turning it clockwise.



Firmly install the light bulb into Vocca by turning it clockwise.



Turn the power on.

That’s it! the bulb should lit up and from now on, if you wish to turn the light on or off, all you need to do is just say Go Vocca Light

Following is a list of some important tips for you to make the most out of your Vocca:

  • The bulb’s power switch will continue to function normally meaning the light will turn off when the switch is off and vice versa but If you wish to use Vocca, do not turn the light switch off.
  • Do not try voice commanding Vocca from a great distance or when loud noises are present.
  • Vocca’s microphone is very sensitive. You do not need to raise your voice - just talk normally as you would to another person standing near you.


For any other question or issue, please write us at info@vocca.shop