Frequently Asked Questions


Will Vocca work with Google Home or Alexa?

No. Vocca has no WiFi or Bluetooth which makes it very secure and threfore it can not communicate with any other device.

Will Vocca work with an app controlled RGB LED light bulb?

Yes! You will be able to use Vocca to first turn the light on and only then control it with your App.

What are the technical specifications for Vocca?

Here are the technical specifications for Vocca: Operating Voltage - 90 - 250 VAC Bulb Type - Edison Screw (E27) Maximum bulb power rating - 30W (most LED light bulbs consume 15W or less) Weight - 0.265 pound (120 grams) Physical Dimensions - 3.6" High, 2.55" Wide (92 mm by 65 mm) Working Temperature - 32 - 158 Fahrenheit (0-70 Celsius) Approvals - FCC part 15 subpart B; IEC/EN 61058; UL916

What kind of bulb base (or fitting) does Vocca have?

Vocca uses Edison E27 standard screw base. If you are located in a country that uses another standard (like Bayonet) you can still use Vocca simply by adding a mechanical adapter.

What is the Vocca voltage range?

Vocca can work worldwide with a wide voltage range. It will work with any AC (mains) voltage between 90 and 240 volts.


How much does it cost to ship Vocca?

We ship Vocca for free worldwide! If the shipping address is in the US, you can also choose to receive your order faster with a two day or even one day shipping and these cost $10 and $15 respectively.

Where are you shipping from?

For US based customers we ship from an Amazon warehouse using their Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) program. For customers coming from other areas of the world we ship directly from our headquarters in Israel.

How long would it take me to receive my Vocca?

It can take anywhere between one day to two weeks, all depending on where you are located in the world and the shipping plan you choose.

Would I need to pay custom taxes?

US customers and Israeli customers will not pay any tax since we are ground shipping in these countries. All other shipping locations may need to pay tax but from our experience, it is very rare.


If there is a conversation going on in the area, will the light bulb keep turning on and off?

Vocca will only react to its Go Vocca Light trigger so even if a conversation is going on in the same room it will not react. In very rare occasions, it will react if it will hear something similar said.

If I’m using two Vocca adapters next to each other (say in the same room), if I speak to turn one on or off will the other activate?

Yes, if two Vocca units are installed close to one another, your trigger will turn them both on and off.

Can kids activate Vocca?

Since Vocca voice recognition engine was trained using adults voices, Vocca will work best with adults. Kids, about the age of 9 and older can operate Vocca but again, not as successfully as adults.

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